Internationaler Wirtschaftssenat

Founded in spring 2013, the Internationaler Wirtschaftssenat e.V. (IWS) succeeded in achieving a considerable and steady growth within a remarkably short period of time. IWS founder Peter Nußbaum gathered a high-class squad of dedicated fellow campaigners joined in their commitment



The Internationaler Wirtschaftssenat (IWS) combines traditional values such as the „honourable merchant“ with topics of the modern age such as digitisation. This creates a house of values containing reliability as well as adaptability. All activities of the IWS center around



The Internationale Wirtschaftssenat organizes high profile events for its members. Here you will find an overview on the upcoming events.

Executive Board

Executive Board

The Internationaler Wirtschaftssenat e.V. appointed board members and board members at a glance. We are fortunate to be able to draw from the experience of these personalities.  

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Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Our senators have access to a network of highly qualified advisors whose expertise and support can be accessed at any time. Global markets & science, healthcare, funds and acquisition, tax, legal, industry, social media and digital transformation, energy, environment &

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  News about the Internationaler Wirtschaftssenat e.V. and its representatives as well as national and international articles and the bulletin.



If you have any questions or feedback about the Internationaler Wirtschaftssenat e.V., please feel free to contact us.

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Login for members to a secure internal area. The access is restricted to our members to participate in discussion panels, finding important information and exclusive downloads.  

„Stückchen Himmel e.V.“ – „A Piece of Heaven“

Let us draw your attention to a very special child relief project which has been supported and sponsored by our estimated senator Hainbuch GmbH Spannende Technik and their CEO Gerhard Rall right from the start. “Stückchen Himmel e.V.” (“A Piece of Heaven”) has been founded in 2009 in order to provide the children living in one of the most desperate slums of Brazil with food, health care, education and loving care.

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