Participating in the IWS activities and taking part in the constructive exchange of knowledge and experience among the high-ranking IWS members will unlock expertise and synergies which will considerably enrich both, your personal as well as your professional life. The vibrant networking among the IWS senators will be professionally coordinated and supported by the IWS Executive Board. Through partnerships and close cooperation with international organizations, consultative networks and competent service partners, the IWS opens up a comprehensive international network as well as a most valuable portfolio of economic, scientific and political expertise to all of its members.

The IWS expenses are fully born through membership fees.

No! The IWS is and will always be independent and politically neutral in every respect.

The IWS is an independent organization which is not part of any existing economic syndicate. The IWS is solely committed to the common welfare and does not represent any vested particular interests. Its individual structure and objective are reflected in:

  • its world-spanning network and its exclusive membership;
  • the fact that competitors to accredited members may only be admitted to the IWS with the approval of the established member;
  • the fact that the IWS is no syndicate and does not compete with economic syndicates
  • Providing active member support through the provision of background information and the procurement of immediate contact to foreign offices and global business companies which may offer valuable international support upon entering new countries and markets in order to allow for optimum preparation and orientation, thus facilitating sound and well-balanced business decisions;
  •  Fostering a vibrant networking culture among the member companies;
  •  Organization and realization of panel discussions, contact forums, expert talks and special events on an international scale;
  • Global exchange of experiences and realization of international and interdisciplinary cooperation projects with executives, politicians, scientists and business associations;


  • By fostering a fruitful dialogue with political and administrative protagonists on a regional, national, European and international scale;
  • By participating in real-life political decision processes through elaborating proposals to legislative initiatives as well as through participating in parliamentary and governmental hearing procedures regarding issues of general social relevance like e.g. climate equity and demographic transition;
  • By appointing competent dialogue partners from the circle of members to the media for interviews, statements and coverages;
  • By granting awards, tributes and prizes;
  •  By supporting social projects


  • Creating a healthy, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible global market
  • Promoting business companies, entrepreneurs and chief executives throughout the
    international economic landscape;
  • Establishing sustainability, corporate social responsibility, ecology, energy efficiency, ethics
    and morality as key principles to entrepreneurship;
  • Promoting a constructive exchange between economy and politics on an international scale;
  • Supporting and assisting business companies from abroad upon entering the German market
    and vice versa;
  • Promoting a vibrant cooperation between economy and science, the promotion of nonprofit and charitable projects as well as of art and culture in general.

This is fully up to your individual choice.

  • Acceptance and approval of the institutional aims and tasks
  • Representation of the IWS in public
  • Ethical and social competence
  • Cooperativeness within the IWS network
  • Through explicit recommendation by politicians, by members of the Senate , the IWS Executive
    Board, Executive Committee or Advisory Board;
  • Through extensive evaluation of media services;
  • Through targeted research

The IWS will be happy to welcome personalities who commit themselves to a solutions-oriented
approach to life and business and who are willing and able to identify with the aims and tasks of
the IWS. IWS senators are supposed to actively contribute to the realization of these aims and to
support the activities of the IWS through their personal commitment:

  • Members of the board of directors of large-scale enterprises and international concerns or
    associations, CEO and owners of family enterprises ranking among the national leading
    companies of their individual branch
  • Representatives from politics, administration, diplomacy, associations, sports and culture

Before discussing the details of a possible appointment, either a representative of the IWS
Executive Board or the IWS Executive Chairman will have an extensive personal conversation with
the potential new member to the IWS. This first personal meeting is supposed to foster a trustful
mutual socializing. In case of business companies, this meeting usually takes place on the spot.