networkFounded in spring 2013, the Internationaler Wirtschaftssenat e.V. (IWS) succeeded in achieving a considerable and steady growth within a remarkably short period of time.
IWS founder Peter Nußbaum gathered a high-class squad of dedicated fellow campaigners joined in their commitment to the traditional and ageless canon of values comprised under the umbrella of the “honorable merchant” – spanning branches and geographical boundaries alike.

The foundation of any action taken by the IWS is the underlying credo that globalization may not be realized on plain paper, but can only be brought to life through a vital exchange of knowledge and experience between representatives of different cultures, nations and markets.
There are two major pillars flanking the path towards a successfully crosslinked future: building a reliable inter-branch and international network and learning how to make responsible use of academic, economic and political expertise.
Setting up a vibrant top-class network composed of responsible protagonists from economy, science and politics, as well as assembling and providing access to valuable expertise from a wide range of fields is the central objective of the IWS. This treasury of expertise is deliberately coordinated in order to meet the individual requirements of our senators and to thus make up for a maximum benefit (navigated content). We are convinced that knowledge and understanding are the keys to a deep comprehension of the fine art of sustainable economic management that will be indispensable when it comes to providing a stable basis for an economically, socially and environmentally livable future for successive generations. Globalization represents a gateway to great chances and opportunities, but it likewise requires great responsibility on the part of all protagonists involved as well as the discipline to walk the talk and to let awareness be ensued by action.

To visibly bring the idea of an active network to life, the IWS focusses on the vital exchange between the senate and its senators on one hand, as well as on the deliberate promotion of a likewise vital interchange among the senators (navigated networking) on the other hand.

The particular strength of the senate´s interchange culture nurtured by our committed members is a truly vibrant networking. Beyond the personal and professional synergies emerging naturally from this networking culture, the IWS additionally offers its senators the opportunity to access the complex expertise and support of our high-class advisory board.

To bring the efforts of the IWS down to a round figure and to constantly broaden our own horizon as well as the one of our senators, the IWS hosts and operates professional events related to current political, economic and social issues on a regular basis. Expert Talks, Political Talks, Panel Discussions, Contact Forums and Special Events as well as events offered by associated institutions keep providing our senators with numerous opportunities to access a wide range of expertise and experience.

Together with our senators, the IWS board members provide evidence of a vital globalization beyond theory being feasible.