Joining their efforts, our senators constitute an active senate willing to take responsible action. Leaving the boundaries of their home country behind, our senators expand their obligation on an international scale. Interconnecting their experience and expertise, the senators endeavor to elaborate result- and practice-oriented concepts in support of a sustainable international economic management.

Activities focus on:
1. Creating a healthy, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible global market economy;

2. Promoting business companies, entrepreneurs and chief executives throughout the international economic landscape;

3. Establishing sustainability, corporate social responsibility, ecology, energy efficiency, ethics and morality as key principles to entrepreneurship;

4. Promoting a constructive exchange between economy and politics on an international scale;

5. Supporting and assisting business companies from abroad upon entering the German market and vice versa;

6. Promoting a vibrant cooperation between economy and science, the promotion of nonprofit and charitable projects as well as of art and culture in general.

Highest priority to any action taken by the Internationaler Wirtschaftssenat e.V. is the maintenance of a top-level quality. In addition to their economic know-how, our senators stand out due to their extraordinary social and ethical competence.

By virtue of our confidentiality commitment vis-à-vis our senators, we may not publish the members of our senate by name. It goes without saying though, that every senator is granted unlimited access to our extended network upon admittance to the IWS.