The Internationaler Wirtschaftssenat (IWS) combines traditional values such as the „honourable merchant“ with topics of the modern age such as digitisation. This creates a house of values containing reliability as well as adaptability. All activities of the IWS center around people, companies, politics and the global responsibility we all share.


Vision Mission engl.


From the four core topics derive the IWS‘ competences and areas where the IWS sees its responsibility to bring them forward. This comes to pass i.e. through cooperation between research and commerce, spreading information and educating people with the goal to promote a global social market economy.


Only as a strong community can small and medium-sized companies influence legal and politico-economic conditions. A global network spanning across most industries offers entrepreneurs assistance and support.

In all our decisions and actions we respect:

  • (environmental) sustainability,
  • preservation of resources, and
  • global fairness

so that generations to follow can live and trade in a fair environment.