Which particular benefits may I expect for me and my company if I decide to join the IWS?

Participating in the IWS activities and taking part in the constructive exchange of knowledge and experience among the high-ranking IWS members will unlock expertise and synergies which will considerably enrich both, your personal as well as your professional life. The vibrant networking among the IWS senators will be professionally coordinated and supported by the IWS Executive Board. Through partnerships and close cooperation with international organizations, consultative networks and competent service partners, the IWS opens up a comprehensive international network as well as a most valuable portfolio of economic, scientific and political expertise to all of its members.

How does the IWS fund its activities?
Does the IWS stand close to any particular political party?
What is the difference between the IWS and other economic syndicates?
Which activities does the IWS offer?
How does the IWS bring this vision to life?
What are the tasks and aims of the IWS?
How much time will I have to dedicate to the IWS?
What does the IWS expect from its members?
How does the IWS select its senators?
Which circle of people is eligible to an IWS membership?
How do the admission and appointment to the Internationaler Wirtschaftssenat e.V. actually take place?


The most important feature of IWS membership is access to our national and international networks. These bring together our Senators, directors at SMEs, traditional companies and corporations; cooperative partners at national and international levels and other associations under the auspices of the World Economic Council (WEC).

The IWS holds events in various formats, from intimate group conversations with politicians to round table discussions and business conferences. At international level, the IWS offers its Senators exclusive delegation trips – to the USA, Russia or India, for example. The IWS organises local political and business contacts, presentations, extraordinary company visits and more



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