The IWS is a network for SMEs with an ethos of acting globally as a pioneering and future-oriented initiator for business and political spheres.

Founded in 2013, the Internationaler Wirtschaftssenat e.V. (IWS) has already succeeded in achieving outstanding success in just a short period of time. The IWS strongly believes that globalisation is a phenomenon that, rather than being found on paper, takes place in the lively intersection of markets and people beyond geographical and cultural boundaries. An increasing number of influential personalities who subscribe to the canon of values represented by the traditional notion of the ‘honourable merchant’ are joining the IWS based on our conviction.

The IWS takes traditional values and applies them to current and future-oriented topics. The result is a canon of values that incorporates both reliability as well as adaptability. At the centre of all IWS activities stand people, companies, politics and the global responsibility shared by all.


Globally acting network of German Mittelstand providing
trend-setting and future-oriented
impulses for politics and industry/business


Promote integrative thinking, responsible actions and
entrepreneurial spirit of innovation in industry, business
and society


We model ourselves after the highly-esteemed, traditional notion of the ‘honourable merchant’ and derive our principles accordingly.


The IWS believes that companies have responsibility for our society. We believe that company targets should look beyond maximising profit to include both social and cultural objectives too.


It is important to have a basic orientation and moral compass for decisions, especially in times of fast-paced change. Ethical and moral values are more important than ever. For this reason, the IWS and its Senators promote the traditional business virtues of fairness and decency.


Trust is a prerequisite for the orderly functioning of an economy. The IWS recognises this requirement and stands for mutual trust, as a loss of trust is the greatest loss a company can suffer.


It is our belief that sustainability involves much more than protecting natural resources so as to merely maintain the human living environment. Sustainable business and networks are essential for a strong, social market economy and, furthermore, for our shared existence.



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