The IWS is a network for SMEs with an ethos of acting globally as a pioneering and future-oriented initiator for business and political spheres.

The Internationaler Wirtschafstsenat e.V. (IWS) sees itself as a globally active network of small-and-medium-sized businesses (SMEs) that acts as a trend-setting, future-oriented and cross-party initiator for business, politics and science. Since the foundation of the IWS in 2013, the NGO has been growing steadily and at a healthy rate. At the centre of all IWS activities is the shared global responsibility of and for people, companies and political course-setting. IWS is convinced: globalization does not take place on paper, but flourishes and grows through the living encounter of markets and people across political, geographical and cultural borders.

For this reason, the IWS is writing a requirements specification for the future

Under this premise, more and more top-class personalities - who are committed to the canon of values of the "honorable businessman" - are joining the ranks of the IWS. The International Business Senate e.V. applies traditional values to current and future- oriented topics. The result is a house of stable values that harbours both reliability and the ability to adapt.


Trend-setting and future-oriented
moderator for medium-sized companies


Global driving force for society,
business and politics.


Every calendar sheet is a security paper whose price we set ourselves. (Karl Heinz Karius)


IWS considers it the duty of companies to assume social and cultural responsibility.


IWS and its senators advocate proper economic activity. Ethical and moral values have become more important than ever.


IWS considers trust as the cornerstone of a functional society. The loss of trust is the greatest loss a company can suffer.


IWS considers sustainable business and networking as essential for a strong social market economy.



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